How to transition from summer to fall.

Seasons are changing and so begins the annual transition from beachy blond to warm fall colors. If you're fearless when it comes to change then this may be an exciting time for you. For others, this may be a bit of a stressful decision to make. What's the answer? We asked a few of our stylists what they recommend and here are the answers.

1-choose a shade that is only slightly darker than your current one. 

2-demi permanent and semi permanent color is a great way to introduce new tones and colors into the look without full commitment. 

3-ask your stylist to introduce new colors just under the part line allowing you time to adjust.

4-add all over gloss with a half to one shade deeper to add shine and give a subtle color shift

5-be sure you have a full consultation with your stylist and complete understanding of what your hair goals are...short and long term. Don't go too dark if you are planning on changing to extremely light in the near future.